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Visual Design

smaller design pieces


This is a collection of small pieces that show my various design skills, including print, brand, and app design.


Print Design

In my advanced visual design class, I was tasked with designing spreads for a fictional publication. I chose the topic of bread around the world because I'm an avid baker and love to celebrate diversity among cultures. I sourced the written content and photos and arranged them into a 10-page publication. Alongside the publication, I designed a shipping box and flour bag as brand collateral. In theory, these would be used as part of a subscription service to receive ingredients for a new bread recipe every month. 

     publication & brand design               Figma & Photoshop

Box and flour bag 1.png

As part of my communications internship at Ventures, I designed a cookbook to promote client food businesses to donors and supporters. Although my internship ended before the completion of the cookbook, I passed on these mocks of recipe spreads to the incoming Communications Coordinator who took over the project. These spreads represent my ability to follow brand guidelines through print design.

      print design             Adobe InDesign

Ventures Cookbook.png
Ventures Cookbook2.png
App Design

APP DESIGN (24-hours)


I designed this interactive app in about 24 hours for the College + Airbnb Creative Jam LIVE with Adobe XD event.


The objective:

Empower families and groups of friends who travel together a collaborative way to document, organize, and share their travel experiences and stays to the larger Airbnb community. In a mobile app, provide a way to combine photos and/or notes and transform their shared family trips into immersive stories about the culture and destinations they visit.

Here I show two of the app's main features. The Recommendation feature allows Airbnb hosts to share their favorite local spots with the Airbnb community. They can also make customized recommendation lists for their guests, which can be shared through a unique code. The Profile feature is where users track their trips. They can collaborate with their family to compile a variety of media, see where they stayed, create stories for specific destinations, and share their stories with other users. 

     app design              Adobe XD


Brand Design

As part of my visual communications class, I rebranded the West Sound Wildlife Shelter, a Seattle shelter dedicated to animal rehabilitation and education. My brand book includes WSWS's mission, logo, color palette, image guidelines, and mobile app mockups. My full design process can be found here.

     brand design           Adobe Illustrator



For Explore More.png


Instagram mockup.png

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