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Hi there!

I'm Stephanie Wong,
a human-centered designer who strives to foster social good in my community.

My Work

Refresh of the In-N-Out website to improve UX, accessibility, and brand identity

UX design / visual design / prototyping


Enterprise calendar enhancements to better serve mutual fund wholesalers

enterprise / UX design / iOS

Social media challenge informed by participatory design practices to encourage youth mindfulness 

user research / visual design / social media marketing

Instagram mockup.png

Coding resources and tools to support accessible computer science education

UX design / usability testing / programming 

Smaller design pieces that demonstrate my ability to communicate creatively

print design / brand design 



Wireframed 40 desktop and mobile screens for the online support center, accounting for complex technical requirements and accessibility

BJ's Restaurants

Designed delightful microinteractions and prototyped the mobile catering order flow 
(now live on the site)


Planned, conducted, and synthesized 21 participatory design workshops with Medicare patients to develop multi-channel digital engagement strategies

Other Exciting Work

I've worked on a number of exciting projects for clients. I cannot share the full processes due to confidentiality agreements, but below are brief descriptions of the projects.

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